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Grant program sustainability

Once you’ve identified falls prevention as a priority within your community, it’s important to consider the sustainability of your falls prevention program and activities.

What does grant program sustainability mean?

Grant program sustainability means the ability for your program to continue past the end of the grant period without further Stay On Your Feet® funding.

The Stay On Your Feet® Move Improve Remove grants program is a small grants program, allowing groups and organisations to deliver falls prevention programs targeting older adults within their community. The Move Improve Remove grants program is a great opportunity to pilot, or trial falls prevention activities within the community and plan for longer-term initiatives to support the older adult community in Western Australia.

Within each grant application, applicants are asked to outline how their program could be sustainable beyond the end of the grant period. A higher weighting has also been placed on this question, which means that applicants that can demonstrate the sustainability of their program will receive a higher weighting of their score for this criteria in particular.

How can you make your grant program more sustainable?

Consider including a component of staff capacity building into your grant application and upskill your staff to adapt and continue running falls prevention activities as part of their roles.

Injury Matters also provides a range of free or low-cost professional development activities to help you build your capacity in falls prevention and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability within your grant application. See our Stay On Your Feet® training and development page for more information.

Please note: While Injury Matters supports building staff capacity, as per the Move Improve Remove Grant eligibility and criteria, no more than 10% of the requested funds can be allocated towards the professional development of the grant recipient staff.

Forming effective professional partnerships in the community with relevant stakeholders as part of your grant program can enable you to continue to run falls prevention activities with in-kind support from the wider community and stakeholders.

Consider reaching out to your Local Member or Local Government for in-kind and/or financial support. Your program evaluation or local falls data, accessed through Injury Matters, can be useful tools to demonstrate the community needs as well as health and cost benefits of providing evidence-based falls prevention activities in the community.

Consider purchasing equipment that will support you to continue your falls prevention activities. This particularly applies to Move Your Body grant projects and activities using exercise-based equipment!

Evaluation is an essential part of any program and forms a significant part of your Move Improve Remove grant acquittal, but evaluation has the power to do much more than that!

You’ve spent time and effort planning how to evaluate your grant program and activities; don’t forget to plan how you will use your evaluation too. Your grant evaluation findings can assist you in advocating for change within your organisation or sourcing additional funding to continue the delivery of the program in your community.

Are you new to evaluation? See our information on grant program evaluation for guidance around evaluation indicators and tools to include in your grant program.

Can you adapt your existing services, policies, or procedures to incorporate falls prevention as a priority?

Does your organisation currently provide an existing schedule of seniors activities for the community that your grant activities can be integrated into?

We understand that sometimes it’s not possible for activities to continue without further funding. In this circumstance, consider if your activities could continue to run on a small fee-for-service basis.

This can be easier to implement once the community is already interested and engaged in the activities that you’ve delivered with Stay On Your Feet® funding. If you’re unsure, use your grant evaluation survey to ask if the community would be interested in this (see our Example Grant Project Survey).

The Centre for Public Health Systems Science has also developed an online Sustainability planning tool, which may assist you in planning your grants program.

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