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Keep A Healthy Mind

Your brain can lose its strength, just like your muscles. However, getting older does not mean that your mind and mental strength have to decline.

Keeping your brain active is important at every age. As we age, maintaining good cognition aids in our alertness, plan our movements, control our bodies, and response to falls hazards. Many simple and enjoyable activities can help you keep your brain active in and around your home and community. These activities work to stimulate your brain and improve your mental fitness.

Staying social is also very important for a healthy mind, and it is a great way to make friends in the local community.

How can you keep your mind active and alert?

  • Keep your brain active to improve your reaction time and alertness to hazards. Try activities such as puzzles, reading and home repairs.
  • Spend time doing hobbies you enjoy, such as playing a musical instrument, cooking, reading, knitting, woodwork, drawing, or gardening
  • Playing games with your grandkids or joining social groups are fun ways to keep your brain alert
  • Complete one of our Stay On Your Feet® online learning modules.
  • Keep your mind healthy by keeping your body healthy. Being active and sharing healthy meals with friends and family is also a great way to stay connected.
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Drink alcohol responsibly
Older man pruning flowers
Older hands playing card game on iPad

It is important to participate in activities that you enjoy. To find free or low-cost activities in your local area, search the Injury Matters eDirectory.

Who can help you to keep a healthy mind?

Doctors or GPs

If you have any concerns about your mind or alertness, it is best to speak to your doctor or GP at your next appointment. If you don’t have a regular doctor or GP, use Health Direct to find one near you.

Community Organisations and Groups

Community organisations, such as Act Belong Commit and the Seniors Recreation Council, can assist you in finding activities in your area. Your local council and seniors or community centre can also help you find activities near you.

There are also a range of cultural community groups in WA. The Office of Multicultural Interests can help you find your cultural network and activities in WA.

Eating the right nutrients and managing the medication you take is also important for improving your health and preventing falls. Learn how you can Fuel Your Body and Check Your Medicines to prevent falls.

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