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Falls Risk Checklist

Complete the falls risk checklist to find out if you are at risk of falling.

If you answer yes to one of more question you should speak to your GP about how you can reduce your risk of falling.

Falls Risk Checklist
Do you do less than 30 minutes of physical activity per day?
Do you do less than two hours of balance and strength activities a week?
Do you feel light-headed, dizzy or unsteady when walking or getting up from a chair?
Do you use a walking aid?
Are you taking multiple medicines each day?
Do you take sleeping pills or anti-depressants?
Has it been more than twelve months since your doctor reviewed your medications?
Have you had diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease or heart problems?
Do you drink more than two standard drinks of alcohol a day?
Do you spend little or no time in the sun?
Do you have less than three serves of calcium a day?
Has it been longer than 12 months since you had your eyes tested?
Are your shoes slippery, too high or insecure?
Do you suffer from foot pain or any other foot problems?
Does your home have slippery floors, uneven surfaces, poor lighting or furniture which makes it hard to move around safely?

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