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Our People

Our Board

  • David Beattie Chair

    David joined the Injury Matters board in 2007. After serving as Treasurer for many years then Vice President, David was elected to the Chair in 2016.

    He has an MBA, in addition to being a Chartered Management Accountant, and has worked in financial and general management for more than 25 years, most of these in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer.

    David is also Chair of the board of One Tree Community Services, a WA-based not-for-profit organisation operating nationwide and employing more than 500 people.

  • Dr Rina Cercarelli Deputy Chair

    Rina has conducted research in the area of injury prevention for the last 22 years.

    Rina has conducted research on road safety, childhood injury, interpersonal violence, falls prevention, and injuries involving Indigenous people. The research has been published in a wide range of peer-reviewed, international journals, and has led to significant changes in injury prevention policy in WA and nationally.

    Previously, Rina was Director and Deputy Director of the Injury Research Centre at UWA and has been a previous President of Injury Matters.

  • Terri-Anne Pettet Board Member

    Terri-Anne has over 12 years experience in injury prevention, with a focus on road safety, including roles in research, policy development, program delivery and administration.

    Terri-Anne has previously worked in regional WA as a Road Safety Officer and, since 2002, has managed the WA Local Government Association's RoadWise Program.

    The Local Government and Community Road Safety Program aim to contribute to the elimination of road crashes as a major cause of death and serious injury.

  • Tamsyn Howard Board Member

    Tamsyn is a strategic Human Resources professional specialising in fostering values based cultures with a focus on driving innovation, service improvement and productivity in conjunction with best practice leadership and management.

  • Freda Crucitti Board Member

    Freda holds a B. App. Sc. (Psychology), Grad. Dip Psychology (Counselling), Grad. Dip. Curriculum and Educational Technology. MAICD. Freda has been a member of the RAC Council since November 1995, serving as President and President of the Australian Automobile Association at points within this period.

    She has served as a board member, chairperson, and commissioner of multiple not for profit organisations, and was a member of the Road Trauma Support WA (RTSWA) Steering Committee and Stakeholder Reference Group.

    Freda currently holds the positions of Client Services and Strategy Director of a Tax Accounting and Financial Planning firm and the Director of an ‘in-house’ finance/mortgage broker firm.

  • Brianna Stanway Board Member

    Brianna has a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Psychology) from the University of Western Australia.

    Brianna is currently practicing as an employment lawyer at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, and is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator, working in her spare time with the UWA Mediation Clinic to run training and assess new mediators for accreditation.

    Brianna has assisted clients in the health industry for a number of years and is passionate about making progress in this area.

  • Raewyn Courtney Board Member

    Raewyn has an undergraduate qualification in Physiotherapy. Raewyn also has a Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences, Master of Science (School of Public Health) and Graduate Certificate of Management from Curtin University.

    In WA Raewyn was a long term public servant in both the Health and Disability fields.

    Raewyn has worked as a Physiotherapy Head of Department in Health Services and Principal Physiotherapist at Disability Services.

    Raewyn also has extensive experience in policy and program development and consumer focused program delivery, procurement and contract management.

Our Advisory Committee

  • Frank Bobongie Advisory Committee Member

    Frank is an honorary Noongar, born and raised in Kokomini (Mackay, Queensland).

    Frank has previously been heavily involved in supporting the local community with organisations such as the Department of Justice and Guildford Grammar. Frank has joined Injury Matters to provide support and guidance on Aboriginal engagement within the wider community.

  • Tania Jacobs Advisory Committee Member

    Tania is a Whadjuk, Ballardong yok, born and raised in Boorloo (Perth), providing leadership and advice on Noongar culture and heritage through her involvement as a consultant in Aboriginal engagement initiatives and reference group workshops at Local and State Government level.

    She has worked within the construction, energy & resources sector for most of her working life, with over 20 years’ experience providing injury prevention solutions as a Workplace Health & Safety Practitioner and Consultant in both onshore and offshore greenfield and brownfield work environments.

    Tania is qualified in incident investigation techniques with emphasis on root cause analysis. She is also a lead auditor in Safety Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems.

  • Steve Austin Advisory Committee Member

    Coming soon!

  • Katrina Mili Advisory Committee Member

    Coming soon!

Our Team

  • Sandy Lukjanowski Chief Executive

    You can talk to me about: You can talk to me about most things relating to Injury Matters! Also, you can speak to me about our Strategic Plan, Our Board, Governance, Compliance, Finance, HR, High-level media inquiries, Contract and Funding Questions.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I enjoy working as part of a team that genuinely cares. We make decisions ensuring positive impact, and our values are at the heart of all we do at Injury Matters. I am fortunate to work alongside such a dynamic, innovative, and caring group of people, all while making a significant difference with our community.

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  • Rachel Meade General Manager – Research, Advocacy and Evaluation

    You can talk to me about: Injury Prevention activities, in particular preventing falls among older adults, capacity building, research and advocacy.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I enjoy the diversity of topics that I am exposed to in injury prevention and the work that we do really makes a difference in peoples lives.

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  • Samantha Menezes General Manager - Injury Prevention

    You can talk to me about: Anything to do with the Injury Prevention Programs at Injury Matters. I enjoy opportunities to collaborate to prevent harm from injury in our communities, including identifying emerging injury priority areas, always looking for opportunities to improve and innovate.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: The people I work with at Injury Matters are committed, kind and know so much about Injury! Injury Matters staff are passionate about their learning and development, and this is reflected in the interactions with our external stakeholders and community members. It is with great pride that I work with the team at Injury MattersLinkedIn logo

  • Christine Smith General Manager - Recovery Support

    You can talk to me about: Services and programs to support individuals, communities and workplaces in recovery following injury,in particular road trauma and the prevention of harm to mental health.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: Being able to assist people at a time they most need in a way that is genuine and supportive, offering a sense of hope, while feeling supported by the wider team and organisation.

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  • Emily Anderson Partnership and Development Manager

    You can talk to me about: Developing new partnerships across the organisation.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I enjoy that every day is different, new people, new projects and there are always new opportunities.

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  • Toni Williams People and Systems Manager

    You can talk to me about: Human resources, process development, project management, IT, systems, and corporate governance.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I love working with everyone here at Injury Matters. Everyone here has different strengths which all complement each other. Injury Matters is like a second family.

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  • Jenny Chiang Finance and Business Coordinator

    You can talk to me about: Accounts, payroll, insurance, fleet vehicle-related items and corporate governance.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I enjoy working as part of a team where everybody is friendly, unique, understanding and has different strengths which complement each other. I feel very supported by the team and organisation as well!

  • Twinkle Kajaria Systems and Business Coordinator

    You can talk to me about: Human Resources, Recruitment Process, IT Systems, Employee engagement & wellness initiatives and OH&S practices.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: Working with a purposeful, passionate and diverse team. Working for an altruistic organisation which collaborates with community, representing their voice and ensuring it reaches policy makers. Within my role I strive to equip, support and empower our people to feel safe and achieve their potential when contributing meaningfully back into community.

  • Ashleigh Kostecki Communications and Marketing Coordinator

    You can talk to me about: Marketing, social media, public relations, Salesforce and design.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I enjoy working with people and for an organisation dedicated to making a real, positive difference.

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  • Clare Crabtree Administration Officer

    You can talk to me about: The People and Systems Business Unit at Injury Matters. I’m responsible for providing administrative support Injury Matters business units and secretarial support to the Chief Executive to assist in the successful delivery of activities, programs, and services.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: The Team is very welcoming, positive, and passionate about the work they do. I’m happy to be a part of the team at Injury Matters!

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  • Suzanne Butler Program Delivery Lead

    You can talk to me about: Injury prevention programs including capacity building, preventing falls among older people, evidence-based best practice and the Injury Prevention and Community Falls Prevention Networks.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I enjoy working with a diverse range of passionate people who want to make a difference in the community and who work collaboratively. The range of issues in injury prevention mean that no two days are the same and that we engage with a variety of people and organisations.

  • Roisin Sweeney Research Evaluation Practice Lead - Injury Prevention

    You can talk to me about: Injury data, research, evaluation and advocacy activities.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: Working on a diverse range of projects, alongside a team that are working to have a positive impact.

  • Joanna Mania Injury Prevention Coordinator

    You can talk to me about: Public health campaigns and advertising - I'm always interested to hear about what others are doing in this space and to share learnings, particularly if you're working with an older adult target audience. You can also talk to me about workforce development, training, and support for the wider injury prevention sector. If you've identified a gap in injury prevention knowledge or skills in your staff or workplace we can work with you to tailor training to your needs so do reach out to us!

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I love working with such a genuine, passionate, and innovative team of people that are all trying to make a difference!

  • Sandy Duxbury Injury Prevention Officer- Community Engagement

    Coming soon!

  • Shaan Brems Injury Prevention Officer - Community Engagement

    You can talk to me about: Stay On Your Feet® community events and displays and the development of falls prevention resources for older adults.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I love being part of a team that shares the same vision to have a genuine and positive impact on peoples lives.

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  • Apu Karajagi Injury Prevention Officer - Workforce Engagement

    You can talk to me about: Workforce engagement activities in the injury prevention sector, including training and events to help upskill and educate diverse health professionals working in the space. You can also talk to me about networking, partnerships, and stakeholder engagement.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: The impact I am making in the prevention of adverse health outcomes - I absolutely love the awareness-raising aspect of my work around injury prevention and advocating for a safer WA for all.

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  • Maryann Fabling Education Coordinator- Allied Health

    You can talk to me about: Falls assessment and evidence-based falls prevention exercise programs which are evidence-based and the promotion of self-management strategies in the prevention of falls and enabling people to live independently and safely in the community.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: As a physiotherapist, I have worked for many years in the wellness and health industry in the areas of research, design and implementation of falls prevention programs and working with community members and with Allied Health team members.. I enjoy working with the team at Injury Matters because I am able to do this and assist others also to promote the prevention of falls.

  • Alyson Elari Recovery Support Lead

    You can talk to me about: Recovery support activities including education and training, campaigns, resources and regional visits.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I enjoy working with genuine, like-minded people that really care about the work that they are doing. I also enjoy that every week brings something new and different. I find that very motivating.

  • Benny Mun Counsellor

    You can talk to me about: You can talk to me about recovery from road trauma, loss and grief, self-compassion and mental health in general.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: I enjoy working at Injury Matters because everyone is a team player and sees the best in each other.

  • Andrea Halse Counsellor

    You can talk to me about: Trauma, grief and loss, mental health and wellbeing

    What I enjoy about working at IM: I love working for an organisation that cares about it's clients, staff and wider community. Being able to help people when they are most in need. Being supported in my work by a kind and caring team.

  • Janet Powell-Jones Client Liaison Coordinator

    You can talk to me about: Recovery Support administration.

    What I enjoy about working at Injury Matters: Working for an organisation that assists people is of key importance and the diversity of our team is great.

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