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Home Safety Checklist

Making your home safer is important for reducing your risk of a fall.

Slips, trips and falls can happen to anyone but as you get older the chance of it happening to you increases. With around half of all falls happening in and around the home it is important to make your home safer so you can get on with enjoying the fun things in life.

To use this quiz:

1.  Grab a pen and paper or download and print the Home Safety Checklist Action Plan before you start.

2.  Each time you answer ‘no’ to a question, you have the opportunity to make a change to make your home safer. Write this down on your list or action plan and note whether you can do this yourself or whether you need a little bit of extra help. 

3.  If you do need a little bit of extra help speak to your friends, family, GP or health care professional for help to complete the actions on your plan.

4. Make sure you tick off each action as you make the changes!

To order a free paper copy of the Stay On Your Feet® Home Safety Checklist visit

Home Safety Checklist


Is your home free from carpet that is worn, torn, loose or uneven to walk on?
Is your home free from mats and rugs?
Do you clean up spills straight away?
Do your bath and shower have slip resistant flooring and a grab rail or handle if necessary?
Have you marked any changes in floor surfaces or levels in your home with high contrast tape?


Are all areas of your home well lit?
Do you have sensor lights in darker areas of your home such as hallways and outside your front door?
Are your light switches in easy to reach places near the entrances to rooms?
Do you have a light switch, night light or lamp next to your bed?
Do you turn on lights in rooms and hallways every time you enter?
Do you allow yourself time to adjust to changes in lighting when entering a room or turning on a light?

Stairs, steps and ladders

Are all ladders in your home steady, easy to use and in good condition?
Can you get in and out of your bath and shower easily?
Are all steps inside or outside of your house safe and free from loose or broken surfaces?
Are all steps in and around your house marked with bright coloured tape or paint?
Do you have rails next to steps and stairs in and outside of your home?


Do you keep your floors free from clutter?
Do you keep any loose cords out of the way or up against a wall?
Does your pet wear a collar with a bell?
Are your walkways clear of furniture?
Are your bedspreads and blankets tucked away?

Furniture and storage

Can you get up off your bed, lounge or chair with ease?
Do you store heavy or bulky items in easy to reach places at waist height?
Have your cupboards and shelving been adjusted so you do not have to reach high or low to use your items?
Are your everyday items like the telephone and medications stored in easy to reach places?
If you use a walking aid, do you keep it in an easy to reach place that is not blocking your walkways?

Outside of your home

Are your footpaths free of pot plants and overgrown plants?
Are your footpaths and outdoor areas free from damaged pavers?
Are your foot paths and entrances well lit?
Do you put your garden tools away as soon as you are finished using them?
Do you wear enclosed shoes with good grip when you are outside?
Have you used slip resistant treatment on the slippery surfaces outside of your home?

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