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It’s time to ‘Move Your Body’ this March!

As we March into the Stay On Your Feet® Move Your Body campaign across Western Australia from 1 March to 31 May, learn simple strategies, such as strengthening your legs and building your balance through fun, regular exercises to prevent falls and support healthy ageing.

As part of the natural ageing process, balance and strength can begin to decline from age 40, which influences the risk of having a fall. Most people don’t think about falls until they’ve had one. Fortunately, falls are preventable and exercise is one of the most effective strategies to lower this risk.

Are you at risk of a fall? If you’re not sure, start with our simple Move Your Body Quiz.

If you answer yes to any of the questions, then consider adding some additional movement to your day.

Strong legs are important at any age

Strong legs help you to complete everyday activities such as getting out of a chair, walking up and down stairs, pushing a shopping trolley or enjoying some gardening.

While muscles, bones, and joints can start to deteriorate as we get older, maintaining strength in your legs doesn’t have to involve a herculean effort.  Adding a simple exercise routine to your day will help you reduce your risk of falling. 

Life is all about balance

Having good balance can help you feel secure when bending over and maintain a stable and controlled body position when moving.  Developing good balance requires your body’s systems to work together to control your movement. Not only is it important to have strong muscles to maintain your balance, your eye and ear health may also contribute to your ability to balance well. If you’re experiencing increased bouts of dizziness it may be time to visit your GP for advice.

Add in some exercise or activities that involve leaning forward, backwards and to the sides and you’re on your way to building better balance.  Programs such as Tai Chi, Prime Movers, and Strength for Life, as well as activities such as tennis, dancing and gardening, are all great ways to challenge your balance.

There are many ways you can learn about the importance of strength and balance to prevent falls:

For more information on the Move Your Body campaign, contact the Stay On Your Feet® team at 1300 30 35 40 or [email protected].

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